Flint Hill/Huntley/Hume, Virginia

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Flint Hill/Huntley/Hume, The Rustic Trio of Rappahannock County

Historical Significance

The area has a rich agricultural past, with old farms and estates reminding of a bygone era.

Local Businesses

Artisanal shops, wineries, and local farm markets define the business scene, offering genuine country experiences.

Education and Family Life

Schools here have a close-knit community feel, prioritizing quality education and values.

Migration & Relocation Trends

Moving to Flint Hill/Huntley/Hume: 18% looked to move out, while 82% aimed to stay.

Moving from Flint Hill/Huntley/Hume: 80% aimed to remain within the county.

Climate's Impact on Housing

Flood Factor: 10% of properties are at risk of severe flooding over the next 30 years.

Fire Factor: 28% of properties are at risk of wildfire over the next 30 years.

Wind Factor: 88% of properties are at minor risk of a severe wind event over the next 30 years.

Heat Factor: 90% of properties are at major risk of heat over the next 30 years.


Walk Score: 30/100

Bike Score: 25/100

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