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Stephens City, The Colonial Beacon of Clarke County

Historical Significance

With a colonial past, Stephens City is home to several landmarks that tell tales of its rich history. The Newtown History Center offers a deep dive into the town's past.

Natural Beauty

Tucked within the scenic Northern Shenandoah Valley, Stephens City boasts a picturesque landscape with opportunities for nature walks, hikes, and picnics.

Local Businesses

Downtown Stephens City is vibrant with boutique shops and local eateries. The Family Drive-In Theatre is an iconic spot, providing a nostalgic movie experience.

Education and Family Life

Stephens City's educational institutions foster a community-driven approach, making it a favored destination for families.

Migration & Relocation Trends

Moving to Stephens City: 20% looked to move out, while 80% sought to stay within the metropolitan area.

Moving from Stephens City: 78% aimed to remain within the Stephens City region.

Climate's Impact on Housing

Flood Factor: 15% of properties are at risk of severe flooding over the next 30 years.

Fire Factor: 32% of properties are at risk of wildfire over the next 30 years.

Wind Factor: 95% of properties are at minor risk of a severe wind event over the next 30 years.

Heat Factor: 92% of properties are at major risk of heat over the next 30 years.


Walk Score: 45/100

Bike Score: 38/100

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Stephens City, Virginia

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