Upperville/Middleburg, Virginia

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The Equestrian Capitals of Virginia

Historical Significance

Both towns have witnessed significant moments in American history, from revolutionary tales to Civil War stories.

Natural Beauty

Breathtaking landscapes, complemented by sprawling horse farms and vineyards, offer a serene environment.

Local Businesses

Boutiques, antique shops, and upscale restaurants line the streets, making for an elite shopping and dining experience.

Education and Family Life

Quality education and community activities make these towns perfect for family life.

Migration & Relocation Trends

Moving to Upperville/Middleburg: 25% looked to move out, while 75% sought to stay.

Moving from Upperville/Middleburg: 76% aimed to remain nearby.

Climate's Impact on Housing

Flood Factor: 12%

Fire Factor: 35%

Wind Factor: 92%

Heat Factor: 93%


Walk Score: 50/100

Bike Score: 45/100

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